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Why Build Listings (Citations)?

Local citation building is one of the Top 5 Most Important Things You Can Do To Improve Your Local SEO Ranking (according to the Moz Local Search Ranking Factors Study). If you want the highest number of rankings on the 1st page of the search engines, then getting your business listed in directories to create a citation is imperative!


Quantity & Types Of Listings Built

We list your business in the TOP 50 Business Directories, along with up to 50 other local, regional, national, and/or niche directories that we can find provided they are relevant to your industry, as non-relevant industry listings could actually harm your SEO authority.


We make sure to include as much information as possible to maximize the power of your local search engine rankings.

What Information Do I Need To Supply?

Your online citations can take many forms and minimally should these 4 Items:
Company Name
Business Address
Phone Number
Website URL

Additionally, some directories also allow us to add one or more of the following:
Opening Hours
Products or Services
Social Media Links

So at a bare minimum, we need at least the first 4 Items, and if you supply the additional information, we will add that in where we are able in order to further increase the power of your listings.

Harness The Power Of Business Directory Listings

Processing times form start to finish usually takes place over a period of 30 days. Sometimes the services get backed up and it takes longer. As soon as the submissions are completed, we will send you a report verifying all work was done.

All Submissions Are Verified

Once we have completed the job, we’ll send you a detailed report with a list of URLs to all of the listings we created, the status of each listing (approved, pending, already existed), usernames and passwords for the sites, and any comments.

Take Advantage Of Our Business Directory Listings To Improve Your Own SEO AND Be Seen In The Directories
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