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I agree that for my 30-Day FREE TRIAL to the "G-MAP Neighborhood Listing & Ranking Service", with 1-3 Keywords and up to 10 Neighborhoods:

(1) my Free Trial will last 30 days from today, after which
     (a) If I AM HAPPY with the Results obtained during my Free Trial, do nothing and my 1st
          Month's Service Fee will be billed on Day-31
, with subsequent billings each 30 Days, unless
          and until cancelled.

           NOTE: After my Free Trial ends, cancellation requires that I send a "30 Day Notice To       
           Quit" message (in my Private Slack Channel in the MGM Slack Group), giving Agency time to 
           find a replacement Client to give my rankings too. We will provide 30 days more of marketing             services, after which we will discontinue marketing services and your account will be paused.;
     (b) If I am NOT happy with the Results obtained during my Free Trial, all I need to do is send a
          simple message in my Private Slack Channel in the MGM Slack Group where all 
         communications between Agency and Client take place, that simply says "Cancel My GMB
         Neighborhood Marketing Service", and we will stop providing marketing services and your
         account will be paused.

(2) The "Client Set-Up Fee” (CSU) Fee for this service is $497, however, make sure to ask your Marketing Consultant if we are running any specials, as there may be a Coupon Code available to reduce this Fee. If you have a coupon code enter it into the box and hit "Apply Coupon" to reduce your Set-Up Fee.

(3) I may stay on "month-to-month" service or chose to take advantage of Discounts by enrolling in an Annual Contract, but such is entirely optional. If I am interested in locking up my Neighborhoods for the Year and getting a Discount on the Monthly Service Fee, I can simply let my Marketing Consultant know inside of my Private Slack Channel.

(4) MGM markets to "up to 10" Neighborhoods at no additional charge; however, in some cases Google has not established 10 Neighborhoods in certain areas, in which case MGM will optimize for all of the available Neighborhoods there are.

(5) I need to return my completed Client Intake form within 3 business days, so that MY GLOBAL MOBILE has maximum time to market my business during the FREE Trial.

(6) I will be billed the Monthly set up fee of $497 (minus any Coupon Code discount) today, but will not be billed the Monthly Service fee of $497, until 30 days from now, and only IF I am happy with the results MGM provides during my 30 Day Free Trial and choose to stay on the service.



If I am in a GDPR country, I authorize MY GLOBAL MOBILE to contact me via phone, email and Slack Group to communicate with me or my designated Agent, and understand that MY GLOBAL MOBILE may use retargeting pixels in their communications with me to help provide me with other services that can help me grow my business further.

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