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Enroll In The Reseller Program

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Enroll In The Reseller Email List

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Join Our Slack Group
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Instructions For Enrolling As An Affiliate

Complete The Affiliate Enrollment Form By Clicking The Blue Button Below

1st Step = 3 Parts Listed Below

1.  Download the appropriate Tax Form (W9 for US/W8 for non-US), so we can pay you commissions as an Independent Contractor.

  • Download W9 (US) OR
  • Download W8 (non-US)
  • Print> Fill It Out > Sign It > Take a CLEAR bright picture of Signed Form with your phone > Email Image to yourself > Open the Email from your Desktop Computer > Download it onto your Computer > Attach Signed Form to Email: support@myglobalmobile.net

2. Email a copy of your Drivers License showing your signature, so that we can verify your signature on your W9/W8 Tax Forms.

  • Send clear image of your drivers license in email to: support@myglobalmobile.net

3. Request  Your Independent Contractor Agreement: send an email to support@myglobalmobile.net.

  • We will email you a link to digitally sign it online, after which a copy of such will be emailed back to you

Join Our "Reseller Update"
Email List Below

  • See SILVER Button Below: This is required to be an active affiliate, so that you can receive important updates about being an affiliate as well as various product/service offerings. This sign up form contains the information we need to issue you access to the MY GLOBAL MOBILE Reseller Training Center (MGM-RTC). We will be notified as soon as you join this list, so we can create your account.

Join our "Slack Group"
Reseller Training Center

  • Look through all the folders starting at the top with HOW TO USE SLACK!! Otherwise you will be lost and not know how to navigate, message, upload, download files, etc.
  • Go through all Trainings you are given access to at least two (2) times, so you know how the platforms work and how to sell the services. If you want to make the most money possible, heed this advice. We are NOT here to spend hours on the phone answering questions and orally training you. We created the Slack Group so that this can all be done automatically and at your own pace.
  • Go through the Trainings in this order: Progressive Web Apps, Goeconquesting, Global Retargeting & RTB Display Advertising (more info on Retargeting and 1st Party Data also be found here: https://LaserGuidedMarketing.com)
Step #1
Enroll As An Reseller
Email Drivers License
Request Independent Contractor Agreement
Step #2
Enroll In The Reseller Updates
Step #3

Watch Your Email For
Slack Group Invitation

Join Our Slack Group For
Training & Marketing Resources

  • After we review your tax form to make sure it is complete, we will activate you inside of our Affiliate Platform (which is tied to our Shopping Cart), and you will be sent your login access.
  • Upon logging in, you will see all the products and services you can sell, your commission amounts, and your affiliate links.
  • Let Our Website Automatically Educate Your Prospects
  • You will be able to send people your Affiliate Link tied to the My Global Mobile Home Page, and it will automatically code them to all payment buttons on the website that you are eligible to receive commissions on.
  • This way your prospects can take the normal course of reading each service overview page, which then takes them to the features and benefits page, which then takes them to the Order page...instead of sending them straight to the Order Page.
  • This way they can be educated before being sent to an order page.
  • You can also use the website on a tablet to pitch your prospects by simply scrolling down the page and going over it step by step.
  • NOTE: We also provide PowerPoints, Videos and Sales Flyers inside of our Reseller Training Center (see below for access).
  • If you already 'pitched a prospect' and they know what they are going to order, then you can also send text or email them your affiliate link that takes them directly to the individual order page, but sending prospects to the Home Page codes the entire website (at least the 1st time is the best bet) so there's no chance of you missing out on any commissions!!
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