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One Time Set-Up Fees

Choose The "One Time" & "Monthly" Payment Links That Match Your Chosen Geo Conquesting Package

Monthly fees vary due to the size of the city targets are in, the number of locations being targeted and the size of audiences being obtained or provided at the outset, so your consultant will need to provide you with a custom link for monthly payments if your contracted monthly fee is not shown below.

Pre-built audiences also requires a custom quote for the "audience size" from the data provider.

Monthly Platform Fees

NOTE-1: Monthly Fees are for 'standard locations' such as local businesses and include (1) Platform Data Access Fee, (2) Professional Campaign Management & (3) Conversion Tracking (if included in the Geoconquesting Package you purchased). 

NOTE-2: Extremely high traffic locations like hotels, convention centers, airports, etc. do have higher monthly fees because of the unusually large amount of data  (phone records) collected, which uses much higher 'bandwidth' on the system, and thus will require a custom quote in advance so we can send you an accurate payment link.

NOTE-3: The amount of your estimated Retargeting Ad Spend deposit (to server your banners to those you have Geoconquested in order to drive them to your website/offer) will be based upon the number of locations and estimated # of phone records that will likely be acquired, so that your campaigns will not get interrupted/stopped which happens if your ad spend account goes to zero. 

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