Keyword Research

If you would like to avoid wasting a lot of money, comprehensive Keyword Research is the very 1st Step that should be undertaken for any business, before your website, content, advertising or marketing campaigns are begun - because you need to know WHAT to target, what NOT to target...and WHY

Know What Keywords To Target


Keyword Research is an extremely complicated process with a wide variety of factors that need to be considered and assessed. It does not make any sense (in fact it often wastes many $$) to start doing SEO (search engine optimization) without even knowing what are the best keywords to target for SEO vs Paid Traffic. 

Think About It...

Most businesses just target whatever words they THINK might be good ones to target, but in reality have no idea if they are wasting their time and MONEY!

Problem #1: Your business may be spending money trying to rank for (or get clicks for) keywords which may not even have adequate search volume (potential traffic)


Problem #2: Your business may be targeting keywords that you do not really have a reasonable shot at ever ranking on the 1st page of Goolge for! The competition level for certain keywords is so high that it would be cost prohibitive to attempt to overtake your competitors.

Similarly, IF really do want or NEED to target certain keywords, its important to know how much money you will need to invest (and which types of) SEO you will need to perform in order to have a shot at ranking, AND it may be much less expensive and much quicker for certain keywords to do paid advertising.


Get The Data You Need To Understand Commercial Value vs Investment Needed To Get Specific Traffic To Your Website

Keyword Research Factors

Keyword Overview


Keyword Categories

Similar Keywords

Related Keywords

Long Tail Keywords


Paid Advertising Research

Who Competitors Are


Top Performing Ads

Total # Keywords

We have enterprise level keyword research tools to get you the information you need to optimize all your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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We will start to perform comprehensive keyword research for your business soon after you have completed your payment. We generally complete our research within 72 hours. Research includes a free 30 minute consultation with one of our Marketing Consultants to help explain the results.

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