Pay Per Call Leads

We Make Your Phone Ring!

How Do Pay Per Call Leads Work?

Step #1

Prospective Customer Does Search

Step #2

Prospects See Adds We Pay For

Step #3

Prospect Calls You

Step #4

Book Them An Appointment

Why Use Pay Per Call Leads?

Phone Calls Top All Lead Sources

“61.3% Of Businesses Think A LIVE Call From A Prospective Customer Is The Single Most Important Lead"

**Phone Calls are almost 10x more likely to purchase than someone who fills out an online form**

Benefits Of Pay-Per-Call Leads

You Only Pay For Results


All Leads Are LIVE Calls To YOU

Fixed Price Per Call

No Long Term Contract Required

No SEO or Social Media Required

Easy To Track Your ROI

Get NEW Business FAST!!

Choose The Number Of Leads You Want To Call You Each Week

Scale up only as fast as your business can handle. You can be as aggressive as you want and start dominating your competition almost overnight.

You ultimately decide how many leads you want, how fast you want to grow your business, and how much you want to take away from your competition.

No More Over-Billing!!

We have heard all of the nightmare stories about SEO and Pay Per Click marketing. You signed up and before you know it you have spent thousands of dollars but cannot even determine what if any “Return on Investment” was achieved.

With our service, you can accurately track our efforts so that you are always aware of how much you’ve spent…and how much you made!

No More Price Wars!!!

How is your lead generation company working FOR YOU, when they are selling the same lead to multiple businesses at the same time?

It is time to stop the insanity! You do not want shoppers looking for rock bottom prices, right? Plain and simple…you really want high quality customers ready to buy what you have to offer…now.

Total Transparency

Comprehensive Analytic Reports

You can always see real-time reports of all the leads we have sent to your business. No more trying to back into numbers or “guestimating” your return. You will always know what is being produced!

We even provide recordings of all calls too, so you can evaluate your staff’s performance. With us, you know exactly what you are getting, so your ROI is easily calculated.


Exclusive Leads

Live Phone Calls

Just say no to shady lead companies! No more playing second best. Say Yes to RED HOT phone leads that are not sold to anyone else. They are exclusive to you, and more powerful than email submits that you have to somehow get a hold of! We can even track the ROI of all your other advertising methods too.

No more old, stale leads. No more waiting in line for your turn to submit a bid, and having to fight a price war because you lead provider who is supposed to be looking out for you…actually sold you out!

Qualified Leads

Ready to Buy

When someone picks up the phone to contact you, they’ve done so because, more often than not, they are ready to buy now.

People rarely pick up the phone until AFTER they have thoroughly researched their options or just need help fast. When people feel compelled to pick up the phone and call, you can rest assured they are effectively pre-sold.


Which Type Of Businesses Profit Most From Pay Per Call Leads?


Perfect For Local Businesses
And National Sales Organizations

Get The Best Calls and Highest Marketing ROI

Realtors, Attorneys, Contractors (HVAC, Roofing, Renovations, Paving, Flooring, Fencing, Windows, Floor Tile, Pool Builders, etc.), Health Care Professionals (Surgeons, Dentists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, etc.), Water & Fire Damage Repair and Restoration, Drug Rehab Facilities, Elder Care Facilities, Insurance Agencies, Brokerages…all you need is someone to answer your business phone when it rings!


Why Pay Per Call Leads Work?

It really is all about the money, right? Seriously, what is more important…being ranked at the Top of Google for a given keyword or having live leads calling you every day  that increase your bottom line profits?

You just want the most PROFITABLE solution that will save you time and consistently get you more businesses, right?

We take care of the hard part…continually finding real people (Live Hot Leads) in your service area looking for what you have to offer right now – people that are motivated enough to pick up the phone and call you at the exact time they are searching for your products/services online!!

So all you have to do is answer the phone and book them in for an appointment, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

The fastest, and easiest path to cash…and LIVE CALLS provide you with an objective, easy to calculate, measurable ROI!!

Start Profiting From Online Searches...Without Needing SEO

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We Save You Time & Make You Money!

All Calls Are Recorded To Ensure
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