Increase Customer Loyalty

Give loyal customers special offers by sending notifications to their smartphones when they are in the local area. You will enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience through the Mobile Wallet.

Increase 5 Star Reviews

With our built-in smart review system, bad reviews get funneled to the owner to resolve the issue and win back customers that would otherwise be lost, and 4-5 Star Ratings are published to increase your Search Rankings.

Boost New & Repeat Sales

With a whole host of features for Reviews, Loyalty Rewards, PUSH Notifications, Events, Online Shopping, Online Ordering and so more, this one tool can propel your business to new heights just fom existing clientele.


What are PUSH Notifications?

Push Notifications are messages that automatically pop-up on the lock screens of your customer's cell phones. These strategic messages engage your customers in real-time.

You can literally geo-target your competitor’s locations, and automatically send your own customers message in REAL TIME if they are about to walk into one of your competitor's locations...and invite them to your location to do business with you, by enticing them with promotions and special offers!! 

You can even provide customized welcome messages right when they are walking into your location, making them feel right at home, welcomed and appreciated even if your staff is so busy they fail to say Hi.

You Can Automatically Delivery Specific PUSH Notifications To Your Customers Phones Whenever They Enter A Designated Area That You Have Mapped Out

  1. No Need to Download an App
  2. PWAs do NOT Take Up Phone Users Available Memory
  3. PWAs do NOT Take Time to Download (cick the link and it's viewable)
  4. No Need to Get App Store Approval
  5. No Need to Re-submit to App Store Each Time You Edit or Add New Content
  6. Automatically Prompts User To Opt Into PUSH Notfications for Deals, Updates, etc.
  7. 1-Click for User to Add Icon to Home Screen
  8. Lighenting Fast Loading On High Powered Cloud Servers
  9. They Can Be Ranked In The Search Engines For FREE Organic Traffic
  10. No Need To Worry About Never-Ending Technology Updates (it's all handled by our tech team)

PWAs are 'Mobile Apps' built with progressive technology. They are delivered through the user's web browser (instead of the App Store), which allows for a seamless experience.


Keep People Coming Back

Your PWA Can Offer Both Points And Punch Card Reward Programs At The Same Time For Powerful Diversity


Boost Google Rankings

Have Your PWA Prompt Users For Reviews. Handle The Bad Ones Internally and Post The Good Ones For Powerful SEO


Reach People Anywhere

When Your Customers Enter Any Given Location, They Automatically Receive Specific Messages You Desire


Effective Communications

Create "PUSH Groups" So People Only Get The Messages They Want So They Keep Coming Back For More


Login Required

Lock down content intended for specific membership levels, so you do not need a separate membership website. Now you can upload content to your PWA and have a simple way to provide secure content delivery by password protecting each level.


Fill It Up

Engage your users with easy event promotion. Add both upcoming and past events, so your customers can see what's coming and what they missed out on by not attending your last event! Make every event a success with your PWA's event module.


Unlimited Possibilities

With this feature, you can easily integrate a web page into your app. All you need is a website URL. When the web page is updated, those edits will appear inside your PWA without needing to edit your PWA too, saving you time and expanding your reach.


Easy To Connect 

The “Contact” feature displays important general information such as business location, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and hours of operation, just like on a normal website, so customers can always reach you with a simple click.


Headaches Gone

The Private App Store is the perfect solution for businesses with secure and/or confidential information, like schools, camps, corporations etc. Publish fully functional iOS apps without having to subject them to Apple’s strict review process.


Keep In Touch

This feature provides a great way to gather contact information from app users so that updates and special offers can be communicated easily and efficiently. Sometimes an email is the best way to get your brand back in front of your customers.


Instant Messaging

The “Messages” feature serves as your “library” for received push notifications. It allows users to refer back to previous push notifications, as well as view plain text and linked content, making your PUSH notifications more powerful than ever before.


Populate Content

The “RSS feed” feature is a convenient way of displaying news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that constantly updates within the App without you lifting a finger, providing valuable content to your users naturally increase App engagement.

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My Progressive Web Apps™

WARNING: All Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are NOT created equal and could actually end up costing your business valuable revenue, but My Progressive Web Apps™ has all the features you need to increase the ROI of ALL your advertising and marketing campaigns to grow your business and increase your profits.

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