Slack Group Set-Up Service

Streamline, Organize & Enhance Communications

Slack is a collaboration hub, where the right people and the right information come together, helping everyone get work done.

Everything in public channels — including messages, files, and integrations — become searchable in Slack. Find what you need to get up to speed, catch up on past decisions, and tap into your company's collective knowledge. Create separate "channels" (folders) for various departments, projects and private individual or group messaging.

This is hands down our favorite Communication Platform. Watch the videos below to see how it works, then click the button below to order your own Slack Group Set Up.

What Is Slack?

How To Use Slack?

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We will set up your entire Slack Group and optimize the myriad of settings the way we find they work best and brand it for you, so your entire Slack Group is all set up and ready to go!!

NOTE: The Free Version only keeps the last 10,000 messages. If you want all files and messages kept permanently, there is a paid version with monthly fees for each user, but for many businesses, the Free Version works fine, even on a permanent basis. We also provide links to some of the best videos we have found showcasing "How To Use Slack", along with "Slack Tip & Tricks", so you get the maximum power and productivity out of your Slack Group.

Take Advantage Of This Technology To Organize & Enhance Your Company Communications
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