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Features & Benefits

SMS Coupons

We will send out text blasts to your customers with unique SMS coupons. The coupons have a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode, promotion code which can be scanned from the mobile device or redeemed right at the register.

Loyalty Programs

We will build your brand by creating unique loyalty SMS text marketing programs. For example, we can build you an SMS text marketing program that will give your customers discounts when they make a certain amount of purchases, like a “punch-card”.

Social Media Plug-ins

We send your special offers and sales directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages because by displaying your offers on these social networks you can increase offer participation among your customers, eliminating the need to post messages manually

More Features

Appointment Manager

Do you need an easy fun way to remind your customers of an upcoming appointment? Our SMS Appointment reminder service will help save you thousands of dollars in missed appointment fees.

Conduct Polls and Surveys

Let us run a mobile poll for your live events and other business needs that give you fast, hands-on feedback from your customer base. Consult your customers on decisions which can affect your business!

Messages and Alerts

With our SMS marketing alerts we will notify your customers about special offers and deals and ensure your customers are up-to-date with new offerings and products. We give you "Front of Mind Awareness".

Still More Features

Full Analytic Reports

We will give you a full report of your Coupon “views” and redemptions, survey results, opt-in list development, and campaign delivery confirmations. We will help you make sense of this data to refine your programs for increased success and business growth.

Text 2 Screen

Use text 2 screen for live events to increase audience engagement via SMS marketing. Have audience members text in their messages to have their text messages displayed on a screen for all to see. Works great for live event venues and night life clients such as bars and clubs.

Real Estate and Vehicle Listings

We will harness potential buyers when they text your keyword or scan a QR code to have complete property listing or vehicle information sent back via SMS, while at the same time building your “Opt-in” lists.

Even More Features

QR Code Generator

Now you can create branded QR Codes with your company name and website URL shown visually. And the QR, when scanned, can direct people to your website, social media page, contact information, dial a phone number or even send out a text to generate opt-ins and grow your SMS marketing list.

SMS Autoresponders

Our SMS platform lets you create a series of Text Messages just like email autoresponders work, so you can send out Text Messages that go out at specific intervals after the subscriber opts-in without you having go back in and manually do it. This is a great way to keep front of mind awareness with your list.

List Segmentation

Limit any given message based upon: Opt-In Date, Birth Month, Age, State, Zip Code, Area Code, Gender, Marital Status, # Of Children...even cellphone carriers!! Customizing your messages to a specific audience increases response rates and eliminates wasting texts which both help produce a higher marketing ROI.

My Global Mobile SMS™

Our SMS platform doesn’t just simply send out a few text messages and call it a day. With our advanced suite of SMS marketing tools, we help you launch fully functional and successful SMS marketing campaigns.

And when you combine MY GLOBAL MOBILE SMS™ with our Mobile Marketing Suite, your marketing campaigns become unstoppable machines!

The Top 9 Benefits Of SMS Text Message Marketing
  1. Increases New Customers
  2. Increases Repeat Business
  3. Increases Transaction Size and Frequency
  4. Reduces Time Consuming Repetitive Tasks
  5. Increases Customer Engagement and Referrals
  6. Plugs Holes That Are Causing People To Choose Your Competition
  7. Simplifies Management Of Day To Day Operations
  8. Builds Your Business Brand…And
  9. Improves The Overall Reputation Of Your Business
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